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Testing Tool and Information Sheet

To access this site, you must be an EDI software vendor, developer or other trading partner.

Testing Instructions

You must log in and test successfully before you will be approved for production.

  • Step 1
    To log in, you'll need to request a user ID and password.

  • Step 2
    Once you've received your user ID and password from us, enter them in the fields to the left and select Enter to log in.

  • Step 3
    Log in and complete self-testing. You must receive three green checks to complete testing successfully.

    Note: After 20 minutes of inactivity, the system will time out and you will need to log in again. Any information you entered but did not submit will be lost.

  • Step 4
    When you've successfully completed testing, you'll receive additional instructions from us.

Information Sheet

After you've completed self-testing, you'll need to log in to this site again to complete an Information Sheet prior to sub-system testing.

You will also need to log in to this site to make changes to your Information Sheet.

Questions? We can help!

Download the testing user guide, Information Sheet instructions (PDF) or call us at 800-542-0945.